Being a home starter, you certainly do not wish to be deceived or caused any losses during any property transactions such as buying, selling or leasing an apartment. Therefore, we hereby provide some smart tips as follows:
1. In any circumstances involving buying, selling or leasing of any types of premises, an licence holder of Real Estate Agent must provide an up-date Land Search for the said premises as to confirm the real owner is who.
2. Pay attention to the up-date Land Search as to see whether it is the same as the contract.
3. In the process of sale & purchase transaction, please make sure that the type of Land Search is full search (i.e. Historical & Current). Since some of the agent will only conduct current Land Search instead of Full Search. If said premises involve any court order and/or building order, it may possibily not to be shown on the current search.
4. If the proposed premises do have building orders, both buyer and seller must have the mutual agreement on how to settle on the maintenance fee in order to have the transaction completed.
5. For selecting any of the solicitors or lawyers for acting the transaction, it should be very careful especially on the buyer's side.  If the solicitors or lawyers  do not possess  enough experiences, there will be the possibility of missing title and overlook on the past title deeds. Any missing title deeds will contitutes failure of property transactions in the future.   Excellant and experienced solicitors or lawyers could sought out hidden defects such as building maintenance yet to be registered, e.g. resolutions regarding building maintenance passed by the Landlord Committee of the Building, etc.
6. In most of the cases, well furnished and nicely renovated flat will be the first priority of the buyer.  However, most of these flats are belong to investor, their renovation may be make-up renovation and very fragile. For such flat, you should pay attention and need to re-do all the renovation again once you bought it.

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